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Passionate About Teaching The Art of Healing

Living and working in San Luis Obispo, California, Jason Knox has been passionate about helping his clients enjoy everything the central coast has to offer, pain and injury free.  Jason believes that knowledge about how to keep the body working properly and feeling great shouldn't be a secret.  That's why he cofounded The Knox Method, the most accessible courses in massage and body mechanics available!  With 17 years of experience and success, Jason is a veteran of the massage and wellness communities, and an eager instructor on the art of healing.


Striving to Make the World a Healthier, Happier Place

Joanna is the first Knox Method success story!  After Jason reversed the pain from a tear in her labrum after only 6 sessions, she had first-hand experience with his work.  With 31 years of experience as a nutrition counselor, 17 as a yoga instructor, and another 17 as a massage therapist, Joanna knew she and Jason could learn a lot from each other - so she apprenticed with Jason and started using his techniques in her own practice.  The Knox Method, cofounded by Joanna, wouldn't be possible without mixing her's and Jason's knowledge and her constant, uplifting support.

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