The Knox Method clinics have been designed with the expert and the amateur in mind!  Whether you have been a massage therapist for decades or you are a beginner who just wants to learn more about how the body works, The Knox Method clinics are guaranteed to make you more knowledgeable about the causes of injury, how to reduce pain, and how significant muscle groups work.

Decompressing the Spine and Rib Cage

2.5 hours / $50

Learn about the anatomy of the spine and rib cage, how they become compressed, and techniques for decompressing and releasing lactic acid from problem areas, such as the inner costal muscles between the ribs. By the end of this clinic, you will understand how compression of the spine and rib cage can cause restrictions such as limited range of motion and misalignments which can result in chronic pain.


Rotator Cuff Issues

2.5 hours / $50

Learn about the four muscles that make up the rotator cuff and their attachments and the importance of the alignment of the clavicle, humerus, and scapula bones which join to form the AC joint.  By the end of this clinic you will understand how to properly manipulate each muscle in order to reverse tightness and restriction, therefore reducing or even reversing chronic pain.

Hip Flexors, Extenders, and Iliopsoas Muscles

2.5 hours / $50

Study the muscles of the hip region and how restrictions and misalignments can occur through improper posture and excess lactic acid build up from standing and sitting improperly for long periods of time.  Learn about how this can cause issues such as sciatica, bursitis, and labrum tears.  By the end of this clinic, you will understand how to realign the body and reduce pain from these issues.

Neck, Arms, and Hands

2.5 hours / $50

Learn the intricate structure of the neck, arms, and hands, and how they all work together.  Discover hands-on techniques to help soothe and release numbness.

Feet and Legs

2.5 hours / $50

Study the anatomy of the main muscles groups of the legs and how they can be weakened by the misalignment of the femur bone.  Learn how to strip out the lactic acid of the leg muscles in the proper direction of the muscle fibers.  By the end of this clinic, you will understand how to realign the femur bone and the basics of reflexology of the feet.

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